Heavy Duty Pump Installation at SERAYAPOWER Seawater Desalination Plant

Fibreglass pipe spools for Desalination Plants

Granular Filter Tank Installation

Penstock Installation

Large Diameter Ductile Iron Cement Lined (DICL) and Reinforced Concrete (RC) pipe installation at Ulu Pandan Newater Plant

Basket Screen Installation


Jireh Engineering can perform a wide range of construction services. We provide piping and mechanical engineering solutions in almost all commercial and industrial environments.

We have a constructability program that incorporates full construction competence into each phase of a project, from early project planning, through engineering and procurement, to construction and start-up. We identify obstacles before a project is actually built to reduce or prevent errors, delays, and cost overruns.

Jireh Engineering focuses on delivering total customer satisfaction through work quality excellence making us the leading partner of choice!

Process Piping Works

We have successfully completed various Oil & Gas and Petrochemical projects utilizing different pipe specifications.

FRP, RTRP, GRE, GRP, GRV, HDPE, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Super Duplex, Reinforced Concrete Pipe Systems

We have completed Fiberglass pipes installation ranging from 50mm to 3000mm diameter. We have also completed many projects using HDPE, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Super Duplex, and Reinforced Concrete Pipes.

Mechanical Installation

We install different mechanical systems such as plant equipment, fire pumps and sprinklers, mechanical ventilation, penstocks, basket screens, odour control, and etc.

Plumbing & Sanitary

We have completed many plumbing and sanitary projects all over Singapore and in Jurong Island using different pipe specifications. We also offer Licensed Plumber services.

Installation of Sewer and Pumping Stations

We are capable of installing whole sewer piping and pumping system for pumping stations. We are an LTA approved contractor which can do pumping stations for MRT projects.

Installation of Firewater System

We supply, install, test and commission aboveground and underground firewater systems including installation of hydrants, monitors, and etc.

Installation of Potable Water System

We supply, install, test and commission aboveground and underground potable water systems.

Seawater Intake & Outfall Pipe Installation

We can do piping works for seawater intake and outfall system. We have a special team to perform this kind of operation.

Training and Skill Sets Development

We conduct trainings for potential partners working on relevant field, in line with our expertise.

*Pilot Training Project on
“Integrate Edible Gardening Into Residential Designs” Click here for more information.